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  • Deborah (Friday, April 29 16 11:30 am EDT)

    Apple said my computer was too old(2010) to work on!!! On recommendation of a friend I went to Khanh. He put in a new hard drive and extra memory, quickly and affordable. He transferred all my
    favorites so I didn't lose any info. Highly recommend this place.

  • Mitchell Haskell (Wednesday, March 09 16 09:34 am EST)

    I am 15 and saved enough money to buy my own gaming PC. I was very nervous about spending the money and getting exactly what I wanted. I've been burned before! Khanh was amazing! He made great
    suggestions and helped me build exactly what I wanted! I am so impressed and happy! I would recommend him anyone!

Hear what our happy customer have to say..

 Lauren Shoemaker, Windham



I could not be any happier with the experience I had with Maine Computer MD. I was searching for help with data recovery from my hard drive after my MacBook had undergone liquid damage. After being told by Apple that my laptop was not able to be salvaged and that there was only a 50/50 chance that I would be able to recover my data, I was naturally very frustrated and felt hopeless. After contacting Khanh at Maine Computer MD about the problem I was having, I got an immediate response.The recovery process was very time efficient and my needs were prioritized. Once my laptop was fixed through Apple, I brought it back to have the data restored and Khanh was able to recover an incredible 100% of my data. I was shocked. I did not lose even one file and everything was exactly the way I left it. Liquid damage is very unfortunate, but it was not half as bad considering I was able to have everything recovered for me at a very reasonable price at a convenient location. I would definitely recommend Maine Computer MD to anyone who is having similar problems or is looking for reliable computer services. I am so thankful for what they were able to do for me and the exceeding quality of customer service I was given.



Caitlin Field, Gray



Maine Computer MD saved my life when final exam week started up in my final semester of college and my computer crashed. It was slow, glitchy, and all of a sudden non-responsive. I had 6 essays to write. I came to Khanh close to having a panic attack and he was so patient, calm, and explained everything so simply to me. The price was so reasonable I was shocked, going anywhere else they would have charged me just to look at my computer! He gave me a solid state drive, updated everything, and now my almost five year old MacBook Pro is running like new again. Khanh, I can’t thank you enough!



Peter C. Lorenzen, Maine



Love the new computer; everything works wonderfully. Nikkol and I were very impressed with your  communication and customer service, and will be using you exclusively for all of our computer needs.  We will also be sharing our experience with as many of our friends and family as possible.



Jeff Dunlop, North Windham



Recently, my laptop needed to be upgraded.  After following sound advice from Khanh, I got better capability for less money than I thought was possible.  Reliable and trustworthy advice to maximize your investment. 


Dorothy Roninson, Maine



Thank you so much for your efforts which went above and beyond the usual “IT support”.  Our family is so excited to have found “our own IT guy” who explains things in a way we can understand, who is fast, and who has the knowledge and professional expertise that you have.  Again, thanks so much for “saving my computer” it was very close to being thrown out my office window!



Pat Labrie South Portland Maine



I would like to thank you for all your help.   With  your expertise and over the phone instructions I was able to get back on track with my computer and printer. Many many thanks for all your help on such a short notice I know that my brother Mike Grady always appreciated your help with his computer  issues. I certainly will be recommending you to all my friends and family. Again thanks you so much.  Pat Labrie, South Portland Maine


Cheryl Mille, Windham Maine



He is the ultimate in customer service!  In fact, I am taking a blueberry pie to him today!  The cost was $216.60 which included a “new Hard Drive” in the computer as well as the reconfiguration.  My computer is so fast now it is running almost the instant I turn it on.


Chuck Henesy, Maine



Hi Khanh, My computer is working better than when it was new! Thanks again for your great work. I will make a point of letting friends know how happy I am with your recommendations and help! I will bring my wife's computer to you when it needs some help! Best Regards  Chuck 


Jess White, Maine



Hi Khanh, Just want to let you know I LOVE the SSD you put in my Mac!

It’s super fast. Booting up, shutting down, and using programs that sort through lots of files like MacMail, iTunes, Adobe Bridge - and all the programs I use actually - run much faster. Thanks for suggesting and installing it!


Lisa Gallant Seal, Steep Falls, Maine



I strolled into the office of Computer MD with my "beloved" computer to have the Computer MD give it a general cleaning and service check before I regretfully turned the old war horse over to my husband (who is not a computer guy, just plays). I use my “pute” for business and needed, well I thought, a brand new laptop because my “beloved” was having some virus symptoms and it was running really slow and so on. I was led to believe through what I had heard, that I should be thinking about a new computer because laptops only last 5 to 7 years (if you’re lucky).

Well much to my surprise and delight Khanh, the computer MD, proved my thoughts and that “hear say” wrong. He clearly explained that I should not give up so easily and that he believed he could make my computer work as if it were brand new. Because of his awesome demeanor and the way he clearly spelled everything out, I immediately trusted his abilities. He was up front with his pricing and extremely confident in what he felt he could do for me. I hadn’t experienced such great customer service in a while. 

With-in 24 hours I had my computer back and yes, it is like a brand new computer in my old computers body, ok, I know my computer is not human, really I do. Anyway I am delighted that I have a new computer guy. He gave me some great advice on a recent laptop purchase (for my husband) too, and saved me a lot of money.

I highly recommend Computer MD, and I recommend that you recommend him to your friends so we can keep him around!



Steven Bibula, Gorham Maine



Khanh understood my computing and accessory needs and provided the right solutions quickly and effectively.  He also offered a better product than the big box stores, at better prices.  Furthermore, he did not try to sell me unnecessary anti-virus software, but set me up with virus protection at no extra charge.  I plan to use his services in the future and I will recommend him to others.


Jen and Rob Marquis, Windham Maine



We are so happy with our 'new' computer. After a virus had infected it and rendered it useless....we hemmed and hawed about taking it to a big box store. So glad that a friend had MaineComputerMD work on their computer. Our friend's wife couldn't stop telling us how happy her husband was. After having Khanh work his 'magic' our computer runs much faster and is healthy, no viruses. Khahn is a pleasure to talk with and very knowledgeable. Please give him a call/email/visit today!! You'll be really happy you did.


Wayne Paradis Inc. Windham, Maine


When I was having problems with my computer I was going to buy a new one from a box store. On my way home I stopped in and talked to Khanh. After our conversation I decided to have Khanh build me a system that fits my needs. That was one of the best decisions I made, not only did he build me a computer that is exactly what I needed the turnaround time was fantastic. He did such a great job that I also had him fix my laptop. Not only do I have two systems that run extremely fast now I also know if I have any issues in the future Khanh is only a click away, try getting that from a box store.

Jane Ellis, Saco Maine.




One thing I want to say is that without your service Khanh we probably would not be watching TV today!!  When our TV broke-Alan and I didn't know what to buy.  I called Khanh, he asked me to send him pictures of the room and where in the room the TV would be going.  That day he met us at Best Buy and we bought the right size TV for the space (I wanted a bigger TV, but he recommended to get a smaller one for the space, I'm so glad we listened to him because it fits and looks great). He came over right then and set up the TV, then he made sure we knew how to operate it. He is so efficient and knowledgeable.  He makes great recommendations.  When we need a new PC, we'll be calling Khanh.  Thanks again,



Rick and Sue Rand, Westbrook


Khanh, in our opinion, is the BEST! He knows everything about technology. Whenever we are in a bind (which is often since we are both technologically impaired) he comes. ALWAYS responds asap....ALWAYS knows what to do to get us up and going again! Khanh is very intelligent, polite, prompt, trustworthy, reasonably priced and the one to call! Anddddd he takes off his shoes....polite!
He also met us at Staples to choose a printer...came back to our home...installed it and made sure we understood it. Khanh has also helped us with our Smart his expertise goes far. Call won't regret it!



AJ Block, South Portland



I was experiencing a significant lack of response time and multiple freezing issues with my laptop, and despite utilizing all of the tools I was aware of to self-fix the problems, I was not successful.  The company had my computer back to me within 48 hours and it has run without any further incidents since then.  I also received a personal follow-up call shortly after it was returned to me, which was impressive and proved that Maine Computer MD knows their stuff and also cares about their customers.  I strongly recommend them, thanks for your great service!




Allison Young, Portland



I am a student and I am always writing papers and saving them to my computer.  A few weeks ago, I was freaking out when I opened my computer and it was frozen due to a virus.  I could not open any programs nor could I retrieve any of my papers.   I gave them my computer.  They took it home and the next day I had my computer back with all my files and in better working condition than before!!   They also gave me great advice on anti-virus and anti-spyware programs and general maintenance so that I can keep my computer healthy.

Thank You Maine Computer MD!




Mark and Judy 



We are so glad we called and had Maine Computer MD come out to our home and set up our computer for us. We bought a very expensive gaming computer for our children and had only problems with it from day one. Khanh and an associate came to our home, straightened it out and put parental controls on it for us. They have also been no more than a phone call or e-mail away for assistance if we needed it. They are very professional and still keep it on a personal level. They also talk in layman's terms instead of over your head as the other company did that we had used before.

Thanks Khanh for making our computer experience more enjoyable and less of a head ache..




Pam Wiley



        I was talking with a friend one day and was telling her I was not able to use my computer because I thought it had a virus. She told me to call the Computer MD. I called and explained the problem I was having. He picked up my computer at my place of work the next day. He explained what he was going to do and approximately how much it would cost. I got a phone call that evening and he
told me what he had found. He returned my computer the next day. After a few
days of using at home I began to have a problem again. I phoned him and he
promptly returned my phone call and we tried to trouble shoot the problem over
the phone. He again picked up the computer, took it home and found the problem.
The computer works better than new! It is so quiet and quick. I would recommend
Maine Computer MD to anyone needing repairs or just maintance on their computer.



Tim Cronin, South Portland



Hi, my name is Tim Cronin. I am the owner of two business called Summer Fun
Camp, Inc. and Mill Creek Handyman. I used Computer MD to fix and organize my
computer. My computer was unkowngly infected with viruses and was storing all
kinds of unwanted data. Computer MD rapidly came to the rescue and now, my
computer is virus-free, cleaned out, and my data is organized. It's a lot easier

and faster to use and it's great! The customer service was superb and their
skills were clearly evident. Give them a call now!