Here is what we can do for YOU.

Standard rate of $45.00 Per hour

Computer Repair:

Looking for a computer repair estimate? We will diagnose whatever issue is causing problems with your computer. From blue screens to system restarts we can help. Not sure what's wrong with your PC? call us. Repairs are performed only after you agree to our upfront estimate.


We offer affordable computer repair in Maine. Our Technicians can identify and repair the cause of system crashes, lockups, errors and other hardware issues. We will not only repair your PC we can increase your system performance by getting your computer back into shape.

Data Recovery:

In many cases it is possible to recover deleted or lost files from your computer's hard drive. In some cases we can even recover files from reformatted drives. We do all data recovery work at our location so we offer a very fast turn around time compared to many 3rd party services.

Backup and transfer of data files, photos, music mp3s and other common files from one working PC or device to the storage device or media type of your choice. We can backup your files to another computer, an external hard drive or on to CD's or DVD's.



  • System upgrade
  • System Repair
  • Speed up slow computers
  • General system cleaning.
  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Virus Removal
  • MAC / Apple devices
  • Tutoring of new devices /system
  • Home Audio and Video setup
  • Wireless setup / security
  • Home energy efficiency / lower you electric bill.


Complete system upgrade from current hard drive to Solid state drive:


  • Backing up your old data
  • Format new drive
  • Install OS of your choice
  • Install software and application of your choices
  • Restoring data

Other Electronic Services


-we can hang, mount, install any devices that you can think off, up on a wall, ceiling, or on a desk

-set up home theater system

-assist with new electronic purchases

-battery replacements for many electronic devices

-Point of Sale system for businesses

-Others? Call us!

If the listed services above do not fit your need, please contact us directly and we will work with you on a customized solution for no additional cost.