Check out our latest Desktops / Laptop for sale

Maine Computer MD Warranty.

All Desktops / Laptops come with the following:


  • Complete optimized system configuration for the fastest and smoothed operation.
  •  Microsoft Office Starter for your convenient:

              -MS Word and MS Excel

  •  Media Package:

              -VLC Players              -ITunes           -Adobe Reader

              -Skype                        -ImgBurn

  •  Internet Security:

              -Firefox          -IE Privacy Keeper      -Spybot 2.0    

  • Anti Virus:

             -Microsoft Security Essentials            -Malware bytes 

  • System Update:

             -Complete Windows pdate

             -All Java and flash player will be up-to-date



-100% money back within 7 days of purchase.
-30 days warranty with full replacement and/or repair: no refund.


Services that are not included:




*Transfer Data

*Email transfer and/or setup

*Printer/ scanner setup

*Networking configuration setup

*Any devices hookup after purchase is not covered as part of the purchase.